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I will survive as I live
And well, son, I'll tell you/Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
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07 Dec 2015(no subject)
Er, hi.

I've gotten a lot of messages about locked fics and stuff and ya, this is a little message to say they're all unlocked now. I figured this is the best place to put it because ya'll don't all follow my tumblr and I don't have an open twitter so.... But, in the future I want people to know I never friendlock fics, so friending me on lj doesn't really get you anything. I mean if you want to be my friend sure (pls do so eheh :D), but I don't friend back here because there's nothing f-locked or such. If a fic is locked it's private only to me which means only I can see it. Usually I do it to fix something and just lock it for a bit, sometimes there are other reasons, but yeah.

Anywho, you can follow my writing tumblr to get the mini updates and such. Messaging me here will get you a reply like weeks later since I've been busy, but I've got tumblr notifications on my phone so I'll always see that.
don't know
This is a wip post just because I know I need to start writing again and I WANT to start writing again. So, basically underneath the cut is a bunch of wips I have written and would like to continue! I list pairing, rating that it is currently, a sort of summary, and then the current word count. I don't really know why I'm doing this, maybe as a "please kick my ass into shape." I'd like to get some general feedback if people like any of them or to bounce ideas off of people! Uh, there's lapselock and probably a hell of a lot of typos so ignore those lmao.

FORWARD, TO THE WIPs....Collapse )
07 Jul 2014(no subject)
don't know

It is summer and I'm lazy and not writing so please head here to make me write things.

Wicked Witchcraft: You Arouse the Need in Me
Namjoon/Hoseok, 12818w, NC-17
HP AU! | Bangtan |
A/N: also known as 5 times namseok got caught and one time they didn't. inspired by/based on kore-chan's numerous hp au fanarts!

The room of requirement is a complete and utter myth....Collapse )
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