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I'll Bite Your Heart and Escape Like a Cat

I'll Bite Your Heart and Escape Like a Cat
Daehyun/Youngjae, 7203w, NC-17
Catboy | B.A.P |

It's his hair, it has to be. It's the same color and Daehyun just woke up, the two tufts are simply sticking up in a perfectly weirdly angular bedhead way. His first reaction is to flatten it down, but when he feels the attempt he blinks at the mirror in confusion, patting down harder. It hurts. His next idea is take them off, convinced that Youngjae put a headband with cat ears on him while he was sleeping. When that doesn't work, he yanks at them because in his sleepy thoughts that makes the most sense. This time it hurts, really hurts and he lets out a loud yelp of pain because that really really hurt. They start to throb, every nerve ending tingling. That tells him yes, they are real. And yes, they are a part of him.

There's someone knocking on the door in the next five minutes that Daehyun had been spent staring at his new ears in the mirror. He goes to answer it without thinking, greeted by a bleary eyed Youngjae with hair going every which way and mouth set in a frown. Usually he'd laugh. Today, he's too confused.

"You always wake up too early," Youngjae grumbles. They always argue about this in the morning, Youngjae complaining and Daehyun telling him to be thankful otherwise he'd have to compete with the others to use the bathroom. So, when Daehyun doesn't reply, Youngjae quirks an eyebrows at him. He's about to say something else, but his eyes move up to Daehyun's head, and then he's smirking. "Were you trying on cat ears? Cute."

"No!" Daehyun exclaims as Youngjae reaches for them. They still hurt, less now, but he doesn't want Youngjae tugging at them.

"What?" Youngjae's smirk drops, back to the frown and irritated eyes. There's no explanation for this that Daehyun can think of mainly because he doesn't know anything and Youngjae, that shithead, wouldn't believe him anyway. The only thing he can do is what he learned from those five minutes in the mirror. He concentrates on the sounds of the dorm, focusing in on the snores from the bedroom. It's supposed to be making the ears move in that direction which he guess worked because Youngjae's staring at them with huge eyes.

"Are they battery powered or something?"

Daehyun stops moving them, sighing. "No." He focuses on the birds chirping outside, Youngjae's gaping at the ears this time. "They're...real? I guess." For a second, he thinks Youngjae's going to do what he did, stare at them for five minutes in awe, instead he breaks down into laughter in under a minute.


He has to repeat himself four other times with the other members, who take it well even if he wants to punch them when they laugh in Daehyun's face. They make a call to the manager, he asks for picture proof which Daehyun is certain is going to make it around the company in seconds, and their activities are canceled for the day. Hopeful it's a day thing.

They sit around the table to talk about it, but that really turns into Daehyun trying to shrink into himself as they all stare at him. It feels like back when he first entered the group all over again.

"Well," Yongguk starts, still smiling, "It really wont be that noticeable if your hair is styled up." Daehyun frowns at him because he tried that and it looked completely obvious to him.

"He's still missing regular ears," Youngjae says.

"A perm?" Jongup suggests.

Daehyun shakes his head, "I'm not putting anything chemical near them."

"What, are they that sensitive?" Himchan smirks. There's no time for him to stop Himchan from tugging at his ears and it hurts just as bad as in the morning. He smacks Himchan's arm away and glares. His gaze turns to all of them when they all start to laugh.

"Hyung," Jongup smiles, "Your ears went back and just-"

"Don't start hissing at me," Himchan snorts. The only way in the world Daehyun would be happy about this is if he started to grow claws.


Because its a free day, the other members go out sleeping, visit home, or go see other friends. Daehyun has to stay home even though he could put on a cap or a beanie or anything, but he's told not to risk it. He argues that it's hard to knock a beanie off, but he gets nowhere.

His day is spent focusing on his ears and learning what he can do with them. Every time he uses them it gets easier until he can focus in on specifics sounds, hear people a floor below to across the street, and move them at will. It's cool. It'd be cooler if he went shopping with a beanie on, but hearing that the fight across the street is totally on the same level.

He hears the elevator ding down the hall, then familiar steps start. It's interesting that he can tell who it is because the weight Youngjae puts on his steps is distinctive. By the time he's at the front door, Daehyun is there to open it.

"Oh, are you welcoming me home?" Daehyun almost shuts the door in his smartass face, but he can smell the kimbap coming from the bag in his left hand. Though, as soon as Youngjae's in the door, Daehyun goes straight for the bag, not asking for it because it's definitely his. He deserves it.

"I also got you fish," Youngjae says, frowning when Daehyun whips around and glares at him. "Not as a joke. Just...if you're a cat-"

"Did you get me cat food too?" Daehyun growls, opening and closing the drawer containing the chopsticks with as much force as he can. He's not going to acknowledge the guilt ridden expression Youngjae's shooting him, instead going to sit at the table, taking out the kimbap and grumbling to himself. There's a sigh, then Youngjae sits across from him and stares while Daehyun plops a piece in his mouth. And while he chews. Really, he's been stared at enough today.

"Don't get angry." Youngjae says before Daehyun can even speak.

He blinks, "What?"

"Your ears." Absentmindedly, Daehyun goes to touch them. "They went back. I'm just-this is all very strange, okay? Like, I'm just trying to understand."

"I know as much as you do," Daehyun puts another piece in his mouth, pinching at Youngjae's fingers with the chopsticks when he tries to take one.

Youngjae pouts. "I'm not the one with the new appendages."

"The only big difference is the ears," Daehyun stares up at the ceiling, reviewing these past few hours. "I can hear and smell better too. That's how I knew to answer the door."

"Do they feel any different?"

"Do you feel your ears?"

"No, but..." he stares at them, which is a lot better than Daehyun's face. There's a big clang next door and from Youngjae's smile he guesses the ears turned in that direction. "Are they any different?"

"Not that I know of?" Daehyun glances over, noticing Youngjae's intense stare at them. "Do you want to touch them? Go ahead." Before Youngjae's hand even reaches them, he feels his ears twitch away from it. He pinches them, tugs lightly, presses them back and forth. It doesn't feel bad, it doesn't feel like anything really so Daehyun just continues to eat his food as Youngjae studies him. The only thing Daehyun does notice is when he rubs at the base of them, kind of scratching hesitantly. It feels nice. Daehyun arches towards the touch and Youngjae scratches harder, which feels heavenly. He closes his eyes and starts to hum.

"Are you purring?" Daehyun blinks, then coughs, batting Youngjae's hand away.


Daehyun's only thought before he goes to bed is that the ears are gone in the morning.

It doesn't work.

Neither does his secret wish for claws to scratch at Himchan's precious face.

(He's slightly sadder about that).


Officially it's being considered an illness, so he gets "the rest of the week off." What that really means is he's omitted from shows and performances, but he goes to dance practices and meetings. He also has to stay inside as much as possible. It takes one day for Daehyun to go completely stir crazy and beg the manager to leave to do something, anything, but it's to no avail. He takes to sitting on the couch, watching random shows or doing random things on the web, but even that gets boring when that's all you can do.

The others come back to him lazing on the couch staring up at the ceiling and he can hear them whisper about what they should do. It's not fair the other members are going in and out of the dorm while Daehyun entertains himself with the days of their neighbor's lives. It's boring as watching grass and paint at the same time.

"There's nothing really interesting going on." It's Yongguk walking over, trying to smile, but it drops when he sees Daehyun's face.

"I have memorized the names of everyone in the rooms next to us," Daehyun sighs.

"You shouldn't be listening in on that." Daehyun shoots him a look. "It's not that bad, just rest up and relax.The promotions end soon and we'll be able to figure all this out."

"Yeah, go back to your cat nap," Himchan calls from the kitchen. Daehyun really wants those claws.


A stylist comes in at some point, figuring out ways in which to change up Daehyun's hair to hide the ears and hide the fact that there are no longer ears on the side of his head. This is after she spends about five minutes stunned that they were actually telling the truth and another five minutes playing with them.

They try a variety of things, most of them help do one or the other but not both. She says the best option is probably a perm, but the chemicals are about a centimeter from his ears and they twitch violently which he takes as a sign. Finally, she comes up with the idea to wait for his hair to grow a bit longer, but he's hoping that they go away by then.

It's a promise that he'll go on shows again and that they'll be promoting as a complete team again. It's great because the one and only aspect that Daehyun has found completely amazing about this cat thing is his balance. All the dances have become easier since it's become a lot harder for him to trip or fall. He's even got Jongup jealous of him which might be his greatest accomplishment to date.


That all goes to hell when Daehyun wakes up one morning, dutifully heading to the bathroom first, just to feel something caught in the sheets. When he looks over he's not even surprised to see a brown tail twitching on the bed. He doesn't even blink at it. He does try to move it, because he wants to believe that Himchan just put a fake one in his bed, but it follows what he thinks.

"Fuck," he groans and wraps himself up in the blankets, ignoring the sleepy questioning groans.


If Himchan's laughs about Daehyun's ears were loud and annoying, the ones at his tail are a thousand times more obnoxious. He wonders if he can control the tail to wrap around things. Like bottles. Or people's necks.

{ He manages to get back at Himchan on a day when the members come back from a show late at night. Daehyun's in the room with the lights off because he sees a lot better that way. When Himchan opens the door he lets out a blood curdling scream and runs away as Daehyun turns to look at him.

It's great.}


He's stuck at home indefinitely now because hiding something half the length of your body requires a lot more than a hat or a change in styling. His days are spent practicing with his tail which doesn't go very far at all. He has a lot less control over it than his ears, dreams of using it to hold things (choke things) are quickly crushed. Really, it's just a large annoyance. The others step on it accidentally or tug on it in fascination (or if you're Youngjae or Himchan to annoy him) and he has to cut a hole in some old shorts and boxers for comfort.

"It doesn't even shake when you're happy," Jongup says as Daehyun tries for the fifth time to pick up the water bottle.

"Well, I haven't been happy lately anyway," Daehyun frowns. The tail manages to flick the water bottle over and he gives up.

"That's dogs anyway," Youngjae comes over and hands it to him. "Cats have it for decoration or something."

"I'd rather have it clipped."

"Remember when Yongguk-hyung stepped on it." Yes, mainly because Yongguk apologized for days, but also because it hurts so much he sat in the corner and cried for a while. "Probably would be ten times worse than that." Daehyun shudders.


Jongup and Junhong are particularly interested in him, mostly in a let's experiment with Daehyun until he yells at us type of way. They try to sneak up on him, even though he can hear their conversations on how they plan to do it, and they frequently try to trip him. Jongup suggested he jump off the balcony to see if he'll land on his feet. That earned him a knock on the head. Nevermind he's not allowed outside, they're three floors up.

He's reaching in the fridge for a soda when he hears the light footsteps entering the kitchen. "Jongup," he sighs, closing the door and glancing over at the frozen Jongup. "It'll never work you know."

Jongup gives a smile and relaxes, "One day it will."

"Yeah, okay," Daehyun rolls his eyes and ruffles Jongup's hair as he passes by him. As soon as he reaches the entrances he feels the air shift to his right and he grabs at whatever is coming his way with his hand. He doesn't expect to catch it, but he does. It being Junhong's arm.

"Woah," Junhong says and Daehyun turns to glare at him. "Hyung, that's really cool."

"What if you hit me?"

He gets a shrug back, "I wasn't going to hit you that hard."

Daehyun almost throws his soda at him, but he settles for biting at the wrist in front of his face because if they think he's going to be a cat he'll act like it.

"Ow, fuck." Junhong wrenches his arm away and Daehyuns surprised when he tastes copper on his tongue. Looking down at his arm, Junhong whines, "Hyung." He shows off his arm to Jongup, who then decides to come check up on how their plan worked. There's a bite-mark, but also two puncture wounds that have tiny drops of blood coming out. Subconsciously, Daehyun runs his tongue against his teeth and finds they're way sharper than they were a day ago.

"Wow, are you really turning into a cat, hyung?" Jongup blinks at him.


He hides himself in the bedroom after that, making notes of any other catlike changes he's acquiring. The member's insist Jongup was just being an idiot and it's impossible for him to turn into a cat. Well, growing cat ears and a tail was impossible, but it happened. He hears them talk about ways to cheer him up or if they should actually get some type of help and that just has him even more withdrawn. He hates being a nuisance.

They're talking again, they try to be rooms away but Daehyun can still hear them from where he is sulking on the bed. He's not listening in though, instead staring out the window concentrating on the world working around them. The door opening doesn't scare him, he heard the footsteps approach. He also hears Youngjae give a sigh before walking in and sitting down next to him, looking out the window too.

"You don't need to do anything, I'll be fine," Daehyun doesn't think that's the truth, but he can tell Youngjae's thinking up and figuring out a million ways to start the conversation.

Youngjae snorts, "I knew you could hear us."

"Yeah, and I can definitely hear when Junhong curses us under his breath." He smiles at Youngjae's laughter.

"See that's a plus."

Daehyun frowns, "Yes, when I turn into a cat I'll be able to hear everything, great."

Youngjae pushes at his shoulder, "You're not going to turn into a cat."

"I'm halfway there already."

"When you start growing fur, we'll talk." He turns to glare, but sees that annoying smile and pushes him over instead. The smile grows wider and Daehyun's about to get up and leave because Youngjae is the most annoying being on Earth at the moment, but he feels a tug on his ears when he tries.

Daehyun growls, "Don't do that."

"They're really cute actually," Youngjae focuses on them, playing with them like last time.

"Fuck off," Daehyun can feel his face starting to heat up and he goes to push Youngjae's arm away, but Youngjae's scratching at his head and it's the most relaxed he's felt in days. His eyes close and he leans into the touch, falling against Youngjae's chest. It's embarassing and he's humming again. A thought passes through his head about how Youngjae might use this against him later, but it feels too nice for him to really care.


Nothing else changes on him in the upcoming days, he's only got the tail, ears, and teeth. He lets himself believe Youngjae was right, and it might be the only time he's happy about Youngjae being right. With the others stressing about being on time or ways to hide pimples or what they should do on their next show, he starts to realize that his predicament is actually great. All day he roams the house, does whatever he wants, and the members bring him food to eat. Sometimes, he thinks that he's being treated like a pet, but animals live lazy, happy lives so why shouldn't he. It's the most relaxation he's gotten in a year and probably the most he'll be getting for a while and he should take advantage of that.


Daehyun's starting to notice that they never have any food, it's all leftovers from previous weeks. He realizes this after he's ate the last box of takeout and there's nothing else left in the fridge.

"You're going to get fat," Himchan tells him when Daehyun mentions it.

He pouts, "There's really nothing else to do."

Himchan glares at him, but it turns to a sigh when he pouts harder. "Fine, what do you want? I'll go out later today." As Daehyun tells him the list that he wrote because he might have spent a lot of time looking at food blogs, Himchan's grumbling that he should be thankful for the ears.

The total does not end up being over 100 thousand won.


He also doesn't pay Himchan back by wearing a collar for a week and doing the other's chores. No matter how many pictures Himchan took.


The company puts slight hope that Daehyun will be back to normal by their next promotion cycle so they start on preparations for a new song. He's allowed into the studio, carefully running from the car into the building everyday as early or late as possible, but he cant go in the dance room. Not when he has a tail he can trip over or trip other people with.

Now he's alone for longer days and it's lonelier than it was in the beginning. The others get home and they're too tired to entertain him more than a short conversation. So, he's taken to sitting around them. Helping Yongguk with lyrics, watching movies with Himchan, playing video games with Jongup and Zelo. His favorite is sitting next to Youngjae as he reads or uses the computer. It's quiet company and Youngjae always scratches at his head.

He gets those two hours of interaction before everyone's passed out, asleep. Then, he wakes up in the morning to all of them leaving.


Sometimes when they talk or do whatever Daehyun lays his head on Youngjae's shoulder. Or his lap. Or pushes at him until Youngjae is hugging him. It's comfortable. Plus Youngjae smells really nice.


It's a late night in which Youngjae can't sleep and Daehyun is happy to stay up with him. Youngjae's reading a book while running his hands through Daehyun's hair, television quietly providing background noise since Daehyun stopped paying attention to it a long time ago. This is the only time Daehyun wouldn't mind staying a cat for as long as possible. The lazy scratches at his head start to lull him to sleep as he's set into complete ease.

Then, Youngjae scratches at his actual ear and Daehyun stills. It hurts, yes, but fuck.

"Sorry," Youngjae says, "Did that hurt?"

"I-" Daehyun starts, but he doesn't know how to continue that.

"Hey. Daehyun." And Youngjae tugs at his ear, fucking tugs. He bites at his lip hard enough to draw blood.

"Are you okay?" That's not really an option when he's aching for Youngjae to do that again because shit. This isn't good.

"Yeah, I'm just," he sits up, avoiding Youngjae's eyes. "Just going to go to bed."



The little incident quickly turns into a much bigger problem. He manages to get Youngjae to pretend like it didn't happen and keep everyone away from his ears, claiming they're over sensitive. It is the truth - just not in the way they think they are. But, that doesn't end up helping because soon them just touching him is enough to send him over the edge. He's starting to flinch away from everyone and they give him weird looks or they look hurt. In the end, he gives up and is back to hiding out in the bedroom again.

That's where he messes around on the web, looking up to see if there's any cat thing to explain this. He was just kidding, he didn't expect to find an answer. Especially not one that makes him throw his laptop to the ground and bury himself in the covers because it can't be true.


That only happens to females.


Daehyun's taken to leaving the bedroom only after he's heard the door slam and the dorm go quiet. The members are still practicing long days, waiting for Daehyun's cat-ness to disappear. It's better this way, no one around to hide from or give crappy excuses to. Himchan had decided he's just becoming more like a cat, secluded and only coming out when he wants. That's an easier and much better explanation then the truth even if Himchan starts giving him fish or buying him cat toys to "entertain himself."

They left their dishes out on the table which Daehyun takes as a unsaid command from Yongguk telling him he has to do some chores. That's fine if this is the trade for seclusion, he'll take it.

"Daehyun?" He feels like he jumps a foot into the air, this is the first time he's been surprised in over a month. Laughter rings out and he turns, scowling, because Youngjae is awful. Why is he even here? "I should tell Jongup about this."

Daehyun rolls his eyes, "Shouldn't you be at practice?"

"I had to get something."

"Really? Pretty sure that's your go to excuse for skipping."

"Hey, that's not true." Youngjae smiles. "Well, not anymore."

"Right." Daehyun grabs at the plates on the table and moves them into the sink, turning on the faucet. He hears footsteps and glances back to see Youngjae getting the glasses. It's a nice gesture, but Daehyun really wishes Youngjae would grab what he needs and leave. Especially when he stands next to Daehyun in front of the sink, infiltrating his personal bubble. Daehyun steps back because their arms are touching and even that's too much.

"Daehyun." Youngjae says and he freezes. "What's wrong?"

"What?" Daehyun smiles over, "Nothing, I'm fine."


"Yeah, totally." Youngjae frowns at him, but he doesn't say anything else just watches as Daehyun goes back to the dishes. It's a bit nerve-wracking like every little thing he does is being thoroughly assessed. After a minute, Youngjae starts to help him by drying things which makes everything a lot more comfortable. Daehyun even starts flicking Youngjae with the water, earning him a few glares.

"We are definitely switching spots," Youngjae says after the fifth time. Daehyun starts to pout, but then Youngjae grabs at his hip, pushing him to the other side. It's unexpected and way into his bubble and Daehyun drops the plate in his hands, having it shatter on the ground.

Youngjae is staring at him, same searching eyes as before. "You just surprised me," Daehyun's stuttering. He really hates himself. "I'll get a broom, okay? Just-"

He turns to leave, but Youngjae grabs at his wrist and his hand is honestly like fire, the longer he keeps it there the further reaching the warmth goes. "Are you really okay?"

"Yeah," Daehyun replies, trying to jerk his hand away but the grip is too tight.

"I'll help with whatever," he says. "You know that."

"Yeah," he repeats. Youngjae's looking at him with large, pleading eyes and Daehyun starts to think maybe it's true. Maybe Youngjae actually would help him, no matter what. He tries again to pull back, but Youngjae's grip hasn't loosened.

"Youngjae, please let me go." To Daehyun, his voice sounds like it's teetering on the edge, shakey and strained. Youngjae complies to his request which would be an accomplishment if Youngjae didn't step closer and run a hand through Daehyun's hair. Fifty times worse.

"What are you doing." He wants to say he didn't screech, but that'd be a lie.

Youngjae quirks an eyebrow, "Usually you relax?"

"Yeah, but-"

"I just want to know what's wrong, okay? Hiding yourself away isn't going to fix the problem." He hears it, but he's not really comprehending. Not when Youngjae's scratching at his ears and it's such a test of will. Daehyun glance at him and he's unraveled. He's staring at him straight in the eyes with this smile. It's irritating, Daehyun wants to wipe it from his face, feel it against his skin and everything feels so hot, the scratches at his head feel electrifying. He knocks the hand away as a warning, but Youngjae stays there, smile turning into a frown.

"Daehyun?" Youngjae's about to say something else, but Daehyun grabs at his hands, intertwines their fingers.

"You'll help me?" Daehyun whispers, he doesn't even think Youngjae hears him. He pulls him closer and Youngjae goes from confused to flustered in such a quick amount of time Daehyun chuckles. It's cute, it's really cute. He connects their lips just as Youngjae started to stutter out a question. There's no resitance, there's really nothing at all, Youngjae only standing there as Daehyun kisses him. It still feels nice, which really says something about how far gone Daehyun actually was.

It's not long, Daehyun backs off and leans his head against Youngjae's shoulder because he is not looking him in the eye. He only realizes how hot his face feels when it's against the cool fabric. Even then, there's no reaction from Youngjae and Daehyun think he's broken. Silence stretches on for enough time that Daehyun's thought of a lot of ways to go about explaining himself, though everything ends with Youngjae running away. Youngjae moves and they're close enough that he brushes between Daehyun's legs and Daehyun's been wanting this for so long that it feels so good. He lets out a breathy sigh and Youngjae freezes.

Daehyun is really sick of the silence, "Youngjae, it's-" He has no idea what to say, how to explain anything. He wishes he just let them stay like that until the others got home; Himchan knows how to get out of awkward situations. "I'm sorry."

Still no words, still silence, but Youngjae pushes at him. Hard. He has to take a couple steps back and when he's reoriented himself, he catches Youngjae quickly exiting the kitchen. A few seconds later and the front door slams closed.


Before Daehyun would have called the atmosphere in the dorm cautious, but now it's just completely awkward. Youngjae is doing everything to avoid him, which is really noticeable considering there are only a few times Daehyun lets himself be with them. Yongguk keeps frowning at him and that partially worries him. If Youngjae told the members, he has no idea how he'd get over that.

Daehyun comes out of the room as the others are watching some movie toegther. He was just going to get something quick to eat, but ends up joining Himchan on the couch to watch because it's actually kind of interesting. Youngjae gets up a few minutes later and heads to the bedroom which was not obvious. Not at all. It really shouldn't be that big of a deal when Youngjae was on the floor on the opposite side of the couch, but Daehyun supposes he sort of deserves it. But he doesn't deserves the stares the others give him.

"Did you claw at Youngjae-hyungs arms?" Jongup asks.

It takes a few minutes for Daehyun's mind to process that, "No?"

"Did you bite him?"

"What!" Daehyun splutters, "What are you talking about? That's not even a possibility. I don't bite people. I'm not actually a cat. No." All of them are staring, concerned, but more in a way that they're afraid Daehyun might blow up. "It's nothing." Jongup's eyebrows scrunch together studying Daehyun for a bit, before seeming to deciding that the movie is a lot less confusing. Only Yongguk stays looking over at him. He tries to hide his face by focusing on the television.

"Did you cough up a hairball on his clothes?" Himchan asks.

"What the fuck? No." Daehyun glares at Himchan, throwing in a punch to the shoulder for good measure.

"Himchan." Yongguk rolls his eyes.

Himchan pouts, "I think that sounded plausible." Daehyun scoffs and feints another punch, satisfied by Himchan flinching away.

"What is it, then?" Himchan frowns.

"It's nothing," Daehyun can practically hear all the 'bullshit' echoing through the other's minds. "I'll fix it okay."

"Please." Yongguk says, "When this cat situation is gone, we don't want to comeback as a broken group."


He gets his one chance to fix it when Youngjae happens to twist his ankle and gets sent home before the rest of them. It's not really likely anything will happen since as soon as he opened the door Youngjae went past him, straight to the bedroom, shutting himself in. Daehyun had to text Yongguk to find out why Youngjae was back so early.

When he opens the door, he expects to get something thrown at him or maybe a glare, but Youngjae doesn't even pause his typing. It's very worrying. He knew Youngjae was upset, but he's never gotten this upset before. Daehyun stands by the door because he thought he was going to be replying to Youngjae, but he has to start this by himself.

Everything he comes up with, again, just ends up in Youngjae leaving the room, sometimes Daehyun gets punched on the way out. He starts to walk over and Youngjae's typing gets slower which is only a little bit intimidating.

"Are you writing a book?" Daehyun asks, because he's been typing nonstop since Daehyun came in. He only realizes how stupid that was when Youngjae stares at him.


"I, uh-" he has no idea what to say especially with Youngjae staring straight at him, "Nevermind." This is exactly what he expected and he's going to turn around and leave, fixing it can wait for another day or week or month.

"Daehyun. What." When he faces Youngjae, the laptops been moved and he's sitting up straighter, looking very bored.

"Um." There's so many things he could say and he goes for the safest option. "I'm sorry."

"You told me that." Youngjae's gaze feels like its burning marks on Daehyun's skin. He really has no idea what the other wants to hear and it's frustrating him. "Why?"

"What do you mean why?"

"Why did you kiss me?"

Daehyun's face immediately flares up because how does he explain any of this. He shouldn't have started this conversation. "You were scratching at my head."

"What." Youngjae's face goes completely blank.

"I mean-"

"I've been doing that for a month Daehyun."


"If you were getting frustrated-"

"No!" Daehyun doesn't want Youngjae going any further than that. "It didn't...matter before." There's just more staring, but at least Daehyun knows why this time. "It's been...frustrating lately, like only a few days, okay? Some things happened."




"Well see, there were a bunch of other things that happened. I was getting really hungry lately and, remember, I made Himchan buy a lot of food. Then, you guys were never here, it was very lonely without you guys. So, whenever you came home I was always really happy and you especially would sit with me and do things and you would pat my head and it felt nice. Just one day-like seriously not that long ago- it felt different and-" Daehyun glances over and Youngjae's mouth is twisted in that way when he's about five seconds from rolling his eyes and giving up. "Yeah, through some googling and stuff-and seriously I don't actually think I'm right, like it goes against the laws of nature. Even though me turning into a cat goes against nature. But what I found really-"

"Daehyun. What are you even talking about?"

He gives a deep sigh, "Heat?"


"Like a cat that needs to get pregnant and-stop laughing!" His face feels like it's on fire and Youngjae's non-sympathy for his situation isn't helping. "Nobody can touch me it's so fucking inconvenient and I got horny over Himchan touching my arm. Himchan."

The laughter starts to die down, but Youngjae's still grinning at him. "You realize you can't get pregnant, right? Physically impossible."

"I know that you shithead," Daehyun crosses his arms, glaring down. "Do you think I like this. You were just touching my wrist and then I couldn't think anymore." Youngjae's grin falls, it's awkward again after so much effort. Daehyun's about to punch himself in the face.

"Are you-" Youngjae blinks, "You're being serious."

"Why would I be joking." He wishes he were, just like how he wishes everyday he'd wake up without the ears and tail. Hell, he'd actually love if this was some coma dream. There's silence as Youngjae looks down at the floor, seeming to map everything out in his head. Then, Youngjae stands up and Daehyun's sure he's going to storm his way out, maybe punch Daehyun on the way. He tries to back up, but Youngjae grabs at his wrists and it's just like before. Thousands of unwanted thoughts fill his head and his skin starts to feel hot. Youngjae is staring at him with eyes that only ask questions, but Daehyun still has to look away in embarrassment.

"Are you satisfied?" Daehyun's trying to squirm out of the grip, but it's impossible.

"Are you...really?"

"Yeah, so." But Youngjae doesn't let him go and this is going to head in the direction it did last time. "Jae," Daehyun pleads, "Please." Youngjae's hands are off him in seconds and yeah, he asked for it, but he didn't really want it to happen. He's about to say something, he doesn't really know what, but then Youngjae ruffles his hair.

"What are you doing?" Daehyun says.

"You said scratching your head-" Youngjae's turning this bright pink that would make Daehyun laugh if he didn't realize what Youngjae was trying to do.

Daehyun gapes at him, "I, uh-"

"Shut up," Youngjae mumbles and pulls at his ears, supposedly in a threatening gesture, but Daehyun moans. God, it's embarassing and that little smirk has him thinking of how many things he wants Youngjae to do to him. Fuck.

"Is that what you meant by sensitive?" Youngjae tugs at his ears again and that is completely unfair.

"Youngjae, I'm not some fucking science expirement." He's trying to sound upset and like he wants Youngjae to stop, but he really doesn't. He really really doesn't.

"Why not? I can help you, you'll satisfy my curiousity." Yougjae replies, "Plus, you're cute like this."

"Fuck off," Daehyun glares. Youngjae flashes him a smile, pulling him closer and sending Daehyun stumbling into his chest. That kind of hurt and he was going to yell at him, but Youngjae's back to touching his ears. He's fucking stroking them, and he has to cling onto Youngjae's shirt because his legs are just barely holding him up.

"Have you tried just cumming like this," Youngjae asks, directly in his ear.

He shudders. "My ears aren't my dick." Even if there might be, has to be, some direct link. Abruptly, Youngjae stops and Daehyun lets out a groan of disappointment, which may or may not turn into a squeak when he's pulled around and pushed onto the bed. It makes him entirely too hot when Youngjae straddles him.

"What do you want me to do?" There are many many things and Daehyun doesn't know how to answer. Which is okay, because Youngjae must have thought of something from the way he's pulling up Daehyun's shirt, leaning down to kiss at his chest. He's really glad he picked the smart one.

Every kiss down his chest makes him tremble and he can feel that fucking smile grow wider each time. It's not his fault he's been aching for someone to touch him for weeks now. He's a mess by the time Youngjae's pulling at his shorts. This could all be very embarrassing if it keeps up like this.

It's takes a minute to get his shorts down, dealing with a tail that he never quite got a hold of. "You're excited," Youngjae smiles up at him.

"I've been thinking of over five hundred ways of how I could get fucked for weeks, don't you tell me I'm overly excited-shit." Daehyun moans as Youngjae palms him through his boxers. He really has been waiting for this for weeks and everything built up to make a simple touch feel so good. There's another hassle with his tail, and fuck he just should have clipped the damn thing, but it's all rewarded when Youngjae starts to kiss at his stomach again. He gets close, so close, but then he moves to Daehyun's thighs and lightly bites and Daehyun is very okay with that. The light kisses up and down Daehyun's thighs feel nice, but it's nothing compared to when Youngjae finally grasps his dick. Finally starts paying attention where it's needed the most.

"Fuck, Jae," Daehyun breaths out. He keeps switching it up so Daehyun's always on edge. First fast, then slow, then thumbing over the slit. It's frustrating and he tries to thrust up into the touch, but Youngjae's pinches at his thighs whenever he does that. Though, that actually feels good and he keeps doing it until Youngjae completely stops. Daehyun whines. It's a very manly whine.

The whimper he lets out afterward is definitely not. He'll admit it because he'll do anything if that keeps Youngjae's mouth around his cock. Youngjae's tongue licks the entire thing and it looks so perverse and he can already feel his release coming on. He was going to warn him, because this whole time Youngjae's been focusing on Daehyun and he really does feel bad, but then Youngjae's sucking on the tip and moving down, and he feels like it's okay to be selfish.

There's no expertise to this, no tricks, it's Youngjae bobbing up and down his dick and that feels so amazing on it's own. One of his hands claw at the bed sheets while the other runs through Youngjae's hair, pushing down at times and scratching at the scalp at others. The warmth feels so good and he thrusts up into it, moans when Youngjae takes him in. He tries it again, and Youngjae's prefectly fine, even hums around his dick to signal that its okay. And he never would have imagined that he'd ever be fucking Youngjae's mouth, but he thinks he'll keep this in his memory to imagine it later.

His thrust start to get more erratic and he's a lot closer now, pulling at Youngjae's hair as a warning. It feels so nice when Youngjae comes up, licking a straight line along the shaft, before going back to pumping at Daehyun's dick with his hand. And, fuck, he completely loses it. Youngjae keeps stroking him as he rides his orgasm out, savors it, because this might be the best he's ever felt. But, he's definitely never telling Youngjae that.

He's waited three fucking weeks, but who's counting.

"Jesus," Youngjae says. Daehyun feels like he's melded into the bed, but he manages a glance down to see Youngjae wipe the cum off his hand and across Daehyun's stomach.

"Stop that." Daehyun attempts to nudge him with his leg, but he is seriously down for the count. He gets an irritating smile as Youngjae moves off him to sit on the side of the bed. It takes a lot of effort, but Daehyun gets up on his elbows. "Did you want me to-"

Youngjae pushes at his head and he falls right back into the bed. "You wouldn't be any good."

"Hey, fuck you."

"You're like one with bed right now, maybe later I'll think about it." They both freeze and Daehyun blushes because later is a promise that they hadn't talked about. "I mean-"

"Later better be in an hour." Daehyun bites at his lip when Youngjae looks over, smirking. As Youngjae stands up, Daehyun closes his eyes to rest, but there's something that hits him in the chest. Its a box of tissues and he gets the hint, but he really doesn't care. If it was his own bed, he might have but with it being Youngjae's he's happy to just go to sleep.


The cat-like symptons of Daehyun's situation disappear in the next day. Youngjae says it's all thanks to him which the members don't understand and Daehyun is very glad they don't. He's ecstatic everything's gone, but it's still strange. It's like losing an arm overnight, it takes getting used to. The only thing he slightly misses is the cooler things, the hearing and balance, but he's perfectly fine being his human self. Especially because Himchan finally stops taking pictures of him, claiming he's lost his cuteness.

(He's become slightly partial to headscratches, but that's a secret just between him and Youngjae).

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