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On and Off the Leash, I'm a Beast

On and Off the Leash, I'm a Beast
Yoongi/Jimin, 6922w, PG
~ | Bangtan |
this is all because Suga said he'd be a welsh corgi. and because of lazychaoz and itachibana13. ihu.
thank you so much!!!!

There is this dog that scampers around the Big Hit building sometimes. It's small (Jimin learns later that it's actually a full grown corgi, not a puppy) so it never gets in the way. The worst thing it does is beg for food in the cafeteria, which isn't all that bad since everyone clamors to feed it anyway. Other than that it's usually sleeping on one of the couches or the floor as people go on about their day. Jimin assumes it's someone's dog that they trusted enough to let roam the building. When he asks, that's pretty much the general consensus with the other trainees, but no one has figured out which employee is it's owner yet. And since no one has met up with the owner, no one knows what to call it either. When it is wearing a collar-and usually it's not-there's no name tag or identification or anything. Eventually Jimin figures that it'd just be easier to name it something because calling it dog sounds a little heartless. He decides upon Suga because it looks sweet and cute (even though it really isn't from the amount of times it growls whenever you try to wake it).


Jimin ends up spending a lot of time with Suga. It's relaxing to play tug of war, lay down next to him, or just sit and run his hands through Suga's fur. When he's officially finalized as part of Bulletproof Boy Scouts and it's no longer a hope, but a given, that he will debut, it makes sense that he goes to find Suga. Of course, it's after celebrating a bit with the other group members and after he's called up his family to tell them. He just needs time to clear his head, sit down with company, but not an actual person.

The recording studio is the first place he looks because Suga sleeps on the couch in there more than any other place. It's no suprises that he's there too, but instead of sleeping he's sitting on the couch and staring at the recording table. The dog stands up and turns as Jimin goes to shut the door, letting out a bark when Jimin walks over.

"Do you want to record something?" Jimin smiles when Suga barks again. "I don't think you're allowed in the room though." Right as he sits down on the couch, Suga walks into his lap and lays down, squirming a bit to get comfortable. Jimin chuckles, then scratches at his head, grinning as Suga wags his tail. "Hey Suga, I just got word I'm going to debut. It's great, right?" The only response is Suga's ears perking up. "And I'll be in here more so I can be with you on your favorite couch." Suga pants over at him in his dog smile way. "So, I'll still see you?" It comes out as a question, and he's asking this to a dog, but Suga tilts his head to the side and barks which somehow he accepts as confirmation.



There's something so final to them having to decide on stage names. Jimin's not one of them choosing, but seeing the others worry over something that is going to define them for the rest of their music career is sobering. All of them keep throwing out names then backtracking a second later. Except Yoongi.

Eventually Sihyuk-hyung chimes in with ideas and they're all set. Namjoon is Rap Monster, Seokjin is Jin, Taehyung is V, Hoseok is J-hope and Yoongi is-

"I think Suga." Namjoon snorts loudly, earning him a glare. It's cute and sentimental, which no one would have never expected. Jimin smiles a little, smug, because he chose that name.

"How would you explain that?" Jimin asks.

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, "What? It's a nickname. Sort of." They all stare at him, but accept it because Yoongi is not one for admitting to have a heart.


A finalized debut date is set and they all go out for Galbi, knowing that when they do debut this will be a luxury. They reminisce about all the different things that have happened since debut-the ups, the down, everything. How there will be less time to spend with family. How they'll be away from friends and other trainees. How much they'll miss their free time, and, Jungkook adds, Suga.

"What?" Yoongi stares at Jungkook like he's completely confused.

"The dog."

"No. I mean. You'll still see me."

What was that?

All of them look at him, except Namjoon, who's very focused on his noodles.

"Are you okay?" Hoseok asks.

"Yes. Guys, Suga is me." It's incredibly quiet, minus Namjoon's chewing.

"Like," Seokjin says, "Suga was yours?"

Yoongi shifts, uncomfortable. "No, like it was me. I'm the dog."

They all blink at him.

"You guys didn't realize?" Namjoon says. "It was kind of obvious."


Everyone thinks it's some elaborate joke that Yoongi and Namjoon came up with though no one can think of a reason why, but they'd much rather think it's that than the two were going crazy. That is, until Seokjin calls for them to come over when they had just gotten back from a broadcast ten minutes ago. Jimin has to pull himself out of bed when all he wanted to do was sleep.

"What?" Jimin says, walking over to the members huddled around the couch. They part so he can see Suga sprawled out on it, asleep.

"Why is he here?" Hoseok crouches down, then pushes slightly at Suga so he wakes up. There's a strange look in the dog's eyes as it stands up to look back at everyone. Or maybe it's strange because it's looking back at everyone.

Jungkook approaches it, smiling, "Is he a present? Do we get to keep him?" The dog blinks, hops off the couch, and scampers down the hall. They all look at each other before following after him, finding he had jumped onto the now groaning Namjoon.

"What," he pushes at the dogs face, scrunching his eyes when he barks.

"I think we get to keep him," Jungkook says.

Namjoon seems unable to sit up, even more so when Suga keeps walking across him. "Do you want to sell him? Not that I'd be opposed-" And he gets loud barks directly in his face like the dog understood what he said. Jimin snatches Suga up, mostly because they have neighbors, and partially because it's giving him a headache. Maybe a little bit because he misses him. The dog resists, twisting and turning until Jimin comes close to dropping him a couple times. Namjoon starts to laugh and the dog stops, growling instead. Being held never bothered Suga before, but Jimin gingerly puts him down, frowning when the dog trots away to sit by the bed.

"But how are we going to manage a dog?"

Finally, Namjoon sits up, scratching at his head. "You'll only have to manage once a week."

"Did the Sihyuk-hyung already talk to you about it?"

Namjoon glances over, then sighs. "Hey Yoongi." The dog barks. "Bark two times." And it does.

It does.


To be honest, they should have been a bit more aware. Jet black corgi's are incredibly rare, it rarely wore a collar, and it's eyes have a tendency to curve up when it pants.

Plus Suga had always been lazy as hell.


The next morning, everyone is on high alert when Yoongi enters the kitchen. Other than Namjoon, who's munching on his cereal while staring at the table with barely there eyes. When Yoongi comes to sit down, bowl in hand, he finally notices.

He sighs, "What? I told you before."

"We thought it was a joke," Hoseok says, "How could we think you were serious."

"Why would I come up with such a stupid joke?"

"Because it's you," Namjoon chimes in, still spaced out at the table. Until Yoongi kicks him and he looks up to glare.

"How are we going to...deal with this?" Jungkook asks. "If you change during a broadcast or something."

"That doesn't happen."

"What if someone tries to take you," Seokjin questions. "Or fans see you. Or one of the neighbors complain about barking."

"I only stay inside and dogs are allowed here, Sihyuk-hyung made sure of that."

"Why didn't you tell us?" Jimin doesn't look up, instead focusing on swirling the cereal in his bowl.

"It's not that big of a deal."

"Are you some type of weredog," Taehyung asks, looking around the table when everyone gets quiet. "What?"

Yoongi smiles, "I don't know, it's always been a thing for me."

"Yep, he's always been a freak," Namjoon adds, swinging his legs to the side so Yoongi can't reach.


As cute as Suga is, or well, Yoongi now, though it's incredibly weird to call Yoongi cute, it's awkward for Jimin to do anything with him. Before the trainees bought Suga toys to play with and they'd play as dog and human. It's strange to think back now and remind himself that Suga was all Yoongi. Especially when Jimin remembers back to kissing him, hugging him, and telling him a lot of things that nobody needed to know. Except Yoongi knows. And that really hits him hard because he can't remember anything specific, but there's definitely some embarrassing things.

So, Jimin has turned to ignoring Suga (Suga the dog since Yoongi the human is impossible to ignore) as of now, comforted that the rest of the members are doing the same thing. He'd like to think they're all in the same situation of getting over the fact that everything they did with Suga was with Yoongi but, he feels slightly awful about it because ignoring Yoongi. It's not that bad since Namjoon always keeps him company. But, Namjoon has always had it figured out that Suga was Yoongi and doesn't have to go through the same crisis. Most of the time Namjoon is able to talk at Suga like he's conversing with normal human Yoongi. Sometimes it's him berating Suga or making fun of him, but that's lightened up since Suga peed on his bed.


It takes two days for Taehyung to start bothering Yoongi with all sorts of questions. Most are about what everyone's been wondering. How does it feel? How does it work? What type of food do you eat? Then there's times when Taehyung's just...Taehyung.

"Do you ever just change at random?" Taehyung decides to bring it up when Jimin is there just trying to eat his dinner before they head off to practice.

Yoongi stops pouring whatever it was into the pot to turn around and smile, "As long as I change once a week it's all under control."

"What happens to your clothes?"

"What? Uh, they kind of just pool around me when I change."

The nod Taehyung gives is like this is just any other discussion and not asking a human what it's like to transform into a dog. While Jimin is sitting there, taking larger spoonfuls in an attempt to leave faster.

"If I throw something, would you chase after it?" Jimin chokes on his next spoonful and Taehyung looks over, giving him a confused, but slightly concerned look.

With the way Yoongi snorts, Taehyung should be glad he's not Namjoon or Hoseok. "Try it."

Taehyung frowns, "Do you ever try to wag your tail in human form and end up shaking your butt?" That's it, Jimin drops his spoon into the bowl, blushing slightly when Yoongi looks over, and gets up.

"No," Yoongi answers as Jimin drops his bowl into the sink, seeming rather amused with this whole thing.

"Then, do you-" That's all Jimin hears because he's rushing down the hall and away from this.


So, it only makes sense that Taehyung is the first one to break the wall they've built against Suga. Yoongi. Yeah. He ends up pouring a bowl of cereal and milk, then placing it on the floor. Everyone's confused for a second until they hear paws against wood and then Yoongi trotting over.

"He said he missed cereal." Taehyung shrugs as everyone stares at him.

Seokjin scrunches his nose, "Somehow that's unsanitary."


After Taehyung, it seems everyone else is more relaxed. They don't all try to hold conversations with Yoongi like Namjoon, but they do little things. Seokjin cuts up the food into smaller bites, Hoseok leaves music on that Yoongi likes, Jungkook sits and watches television with him, and Jimin is just there. It's better than when he wasn't and tried very hard not to be, so he considers it an improvement. He doesn't think he'll ever manage things like carrying Yoongi around which Jungkook has a habit of doing. Actually, no one's really allowed to do that other than Jungkook and, at first, Yoongi growled and squirmed as much as he could every time Jungkook did. Then he got used to it, Namjoon says it's probably because he's too lazy to walk. Seokjin is barked at whenever he reaches, Taehyung gets Yoongi jumping out of his arms, and Namjoon and Hoseok don't even try.

Or Hoseok did once, but Yoongi snarled, barked, and ran away. So.


The door doesn't exactly slam open, but it still makes Jimin jump. It might slightly be his fault for reading horror comics at night, but Namjoon doesn't have to laugh at him.

"What?" He sits up, turning to face the other.

"Well," Namjoon starts, staring up at the ceiling like he always does when he's thinking of how to word things. "You should stop hiding away from Yoongi."

"I don't-"

"Like, Yoongi the dog, it's obvious. C'mon. I mean, I know he should have told you, but," he sighs. "Have you ever seen a dog when it's lonely, it's one of the saddest things."

Jimin shifts a bit and he's not going to deny it , but- "He shouldn't be lonely? Everyone else is there."

"Right. But." Namjoons staring up again, "Yoongi would never say this, but it's bothering him, okay?"

Now Jimin feels awful because he didn't mean that. He's not even mad, it's just very awkward. "It's...taking some getting used to."

"No, I get that, I'm still not over it, but don't take it out on Yoongi. If he could stop it, he would, alright?" Namjoon pauses, "Also I never said any of this."


Suga, er Yoongi, is laying down on the couch, asleep, as per usual. This should be an easy way to get used to it, but when Jimin sits down it wakes Yoongi up and onto his feet. They stare at each other and Jimin's about a minute from getting up and leaving since this is the strangest moment in his life, then Yoongi walks over and lays down next to him. It's a truce. Probably more of Yoongi telling him to stop being pissy and get over it, but Jimin will say it's a truce. He reaches over to the table and turns on the television, eyes drawn instead to the way Suga's ears move. Without thought, he goes to scratch at the dog's head, freezing when he thinks about it clearer.

Yoongi sits up, turning his head to stare at Jimin. There's really no tangible expression he can get from the dog's face, but, knowing Yoongi, he's probably glaring. So, Jimin scratches between the dogs ears again until it lays back down.

This will be easy.


He guesses it will be easier to get used to if he understands it more. Or that's how suspects Taehyung adjusted so quickly. One afternoon, Yoongi and Namjoon are watching some show together so Jimin joins them intent to ask questions. It's weird though, too weird, and Jimin has sat down for ten seconds, before he wants to get up again.

Yoongi sighs, "What?"

Jimin blinks at him because he didn't say anything, but that makes it less random for him to ask. "Do you like getting your head scratched?" The question still feels incredibly out of place when he asks. It also gets a little awkward with Yoongi staring at him and Namjoon trying to stifle a laugh.

"I-what?" Yoongi asks.

"Like as a dog."

"I mean every dog likes getting their head scratched." He mumbles, punching Namjoon when he lets out a snort.

"Ah, okay." Jimin says, still incredibly uncomfortable. He'll probably never adapt.

Yoongi bumps their shoulders together. "Why?"

Jimin shrugs, "I don't know, just how is it different? Being a dog."

"It's not really, I think pretty much the same just not as complex-"

"So. The same." Namjoon adds, earning a shove which Jimin snickers at.

"I'm still me. Just as a dog. It's hard to explain, but whatever you do with me now you can do with me as a dog, okay?" Yoongi smiles, ruffling Jimin's hair when he nods. The smile slips away when a hand comes up to scratch at Yoongi's head.

"Does our Yoongi enjoy being petted," Namjoon coos. Quicker than Jimin would have ever thought possible, Yoongi turns around to pin Namjoon down.

"I will piss on everything you own." And okay, that's really hilarious and Jimin is howling with laughter. That is until Yoongi looks back at him. "What are you laughing at?" Just as quick, he moves after Jimin, but he's already running down the hall.


It works, somehow, because when Jimin walks into the kitchen to get himself something to eat and Yoongi trots in after him, he doesn't blink an eye. He puts the food in the microwave to heat up, turning around to stare down at Yoongi, who for some reason is sitting in the middle of the kitchen watching him.

They stay in a staring contest for a minute, until Yoongi gives up and lets out a bark. Jimin barks back.

Yoongi blinks, then lets out a small growl.

Jimin chuckles, "What?"

He watches as Yoongi walks over to the fridge and jumps up onto it.

"Oh am I the first one up? Am I supposed to feed you?" Jimin says and Yoongi barks, wagging his tail. It's really cute and Jimin can definitely deal with this.


Jimin was only trying to get a snack, but he happens upon Seokjin crouched down staring at Yoongi sitting on the couch and he doesn't have time to turn and leave.

"Jimin!" Seokjin calls. The way Yoongi's ears perk up as he turns to look over makes Jimin smile, earning him a few tail wags. "Help me convince Yoongi off the couch."

It's never been a problem before considering that the couch in the recording studio was considered Suga's bed. Or well, Yoongi's. "I'm pretty sure he knows not to scratch it."

"Yeah, but...he's shedding." Seokjin strokes at Yoongi, showing off all the black fur falling off his hands for emphasis. There's a growl, but they're all used to that by now.

"Um, I don't know? Offer him something."

Seokjin stares back at Yoongi, "I'll buy you galbi for a week." Yoongi hops off the couch before he even finishes the sentence.


This time, for some reason, Yoongi decides to lay on the chair, instead which is typical because Jimin was going to sit there. The chair is just big enough for him, with his front paws dangling off a bit.

Jimin crouches down. "Hyung. Can't I sit there?" Yoongi keeps staring at him with the same expression. "I'm going to sit on you." There's a grunt, then Yoongi reaches forward and licks at Jimin's nose. He'd like to say acting cute won't get him anything, but it makes Jimin grin and pat at his head. Dammit.


Lately, Yoongi has been smiling a lot and it's almost exactly the face he gives when he's getting petted. It's cute. That would make sense, right? Yoongi's smile looks like a cute dog's so it makes Jimin grin and his stomach flip. He might also want Yoongi to cuddle into him as he sleeps. Only because he misses the warmth from when Yoongi's in dog form and sometimes joins Jimin in bed. Yeah, it completely makes sense.


There could be so much that the other's could do to Yoongi. Potentially. If they were mean like that. They're not, though, they're completely perfect angels. Or Hoseok could have brought up buying Yoongi clothes because it'd be cute. It's a thrown out suggestion without any real motive and actual will behind it, but the next day Hoseok's berated and teased worse than Jimin. Even Jimin will admit that's bad.


The television is set low and that's okay because Jimin's not really watching. His eyes keep closing and his head feels really heavy.

There's a slight pain at his finger and Jimin blinks a couple times, then turns to see what it is. Yoongi is nibbling on his finger, but stops when Jimin's looks over, instead digging his head under Jimin's hand. In his barely there state Jimin stares until Yoongi lifts up his head so Jimin's hand is lay across his head.

"Oh." Jimin smiles, then starts scratching and Yoongi wags his tail.


They're all just lazing around with nothing to do. Or there's probably a lot to do, but Jimin's going to pretend that his life is completely free right now because lying on the couch is comfortable. Well, it was, until he hears the padding of feet, and Yoongi really knows how to annoy him, even as a dog. He turns to see Yoongi sitting down, staring at him expectantly.

"What?" Jimin says and gets a bark in reply. What else was there to expect? "Are you hungry?" There's no reply this time, just Yoongi cocking his head to the side. That's not really helpful, Jimin thinks about ignoring him and trying to sleep, but then Yoongi jumps up directly on his chest and he's a lot heavier then he looks.

"Hyung?" Jimin says. He gets this weird look from Yoongi that he almost understands, but not quite, before he promptly curls up on his chest."Hyung, you're heavy." There's this huff from Yoongi, but he doesn't do anything. Actually, he closes his eyes and breathes steadily. "Hyung." Jimin whines, but the other doesn't budge or even crack an eye open. It's like a weighted heater was on his chest. He could shake Yoongi off, though as much as he knows in his mind it's Yoongi it still looks like a cute dog trying to sleep on his chest. So, he deals with it, even starts to fall asleep himself.

He only realizes he actually fell asleep when he hears the door close down the hall. It's Namjoon, hair a mess, face bloated, very annoyed as he walks over.

"We have to go."

Jimin blinks, "Go?"

"Practice, the teacher is crazy. Random practice. Something. I don't remember, get up." Dealing with a sleep deprived Namjoon many times now he understands, but-

"I can't move."


He points at his chest where Yoongi is sleeping soundly, just like him to sleep through any and all types of noise.

Namjoon stares, "Just shake or something, he'll move."

This is Yoongi they're talking about, but Jimin tries anyway. Like he thought, the dog just stays asleep.

"I swear to God," Namjoon groans and walking over, "Yoongi-hyung move your ass." That gets one eye open, but no movement. When Namjoon reaches for him though, Yoongi tenses up and growls. Sure, Yoongi has growled before, usually annoyance or frustration, but this sounds like an honestly frightening I-will-bite-you growl. Namjoon snatches his hands back quick, eyes widening at the dog. It takes less than a second for Yoongi to un-tense, close his eyes, and give steady breaths again.

Jimin and Namjoon stare at each other in mutual confusion over what just happened.

"I'm not dealing with this shit," Namjoon nods, more to himself than anything. "I'll tell the teacher to come here and deal with a homicidal dog if he wants us to leave." With that he simply turns around and heads back down the hall, leaving Jimin alone to stare at the still sleeping Yoongi.


Namjoon never asks, probably because he was sleepy enough to think it was a dream, but Jimin is curious.

"You're comfy." It takes Yoongi a full minute to answer and Jimin almost thinks he's asleep since he's closing his eyes for the stylist spraying his hair.


"Like your muscles are finally useful for something." Yoongi opens one eyes. "Doesn't Hoseok have to do his make up, get him over here." The stylist agrees, shooing Jimin off as she flicks at Yoongi's bangs. And Jimin gets up with no protest, choosing to ignoring the smallest pink that was growing on Yoongi's cheeks.


Even though Yoongi acts like he never wants to talk about laying on Jimin again he acts like his explanation gives him a pass to sleep on Jimin whenever he wants. Whenever he's in dog form he continually curls up next to Jimin when he tries to nap or as Jimin's playing with the laptop. Sometimes Yoongi jumps up onto the couch when Jimin's watching the television, walking into his lap and laying down like he's watching too. Exactly what he'd imagine Yoongi would do...as a small dog.


Jimin notices a few things. The happiest Yoongi ever looks is when he's getting his belly rubbed, though he will refuse to do that if someone's else is in the room. He also rebuffs Jimin if he asks about it, complaining he was itchy. If Jimin picks him up, he licks at his face a few times before snuggling into his arms. Only if no ones there, or else he struggles to get out of his grasp until Jimin puts him down. Yoongi also sometimes lays on Jimin's chest and licks at his face before curling up to sleep.

Just a few things.


Their schedule start to get really busy. Broadcasts, more practices, interviews, some television appearances and Jimin can barely keep up. They get back to the dorm tired enough to fall asleep within a few minutes and they wake up not knowing the date.

When they get back to the dorms after a broadcast one day, with an interview in an hour, they each do their own separate thing with the little time they have. Until the barking starts up behind the bedroom door. Jimin looks at Jungkook next to him, but they're both confused. The barking gets louder, more frantic, just as Namjoon exits the bathroom.

"Why the fuck would he change now," he says, walking over to open the door. There's another distressed bark and Namjoon gives a loud sigh. "Someone call the manager, Yoongi was an idiot."


With the hectic schedules, Yoongi forgot to change last week. To be honest, Jimin didn't even notice, but the result is Yoongi will stay in this form for one to three days. (They only figure this out after a long and very difficult process of having a conversation with a dog). Yoongi is completely irritated as everyone leaves without him and is even more irritated when they get back.

He's lying on the couch as they all enter and slowly, everyone walks away from the area, Namjoon giving Jimin a little push towards Yoongi before he walks off away. Isn't he supposed to be the leader?

Jimin approaches cautiously even more wary when Yoongi doesn't move at all. As he crouches down, Yoongi just follows him with his eyes, somehow scowling.

"It'll be okay hyung." Jimin tries a smile, but Yoongi's expressions doesn't change. "At most three days, right?" Yoongi huffs, then turns his head to the side. "Look you won't have to do any work and you can just laze around all you want." No reaction. This time Jimin sighs, then grabs at Yoongi's face so they're staring at each other. Yoongi gives off a loud growl and Jimin rolls his eyes, smiling, placing a small kiss on Yoongi's forehead.

"You'll be fine, hyung, cheer up." The numerous blinks he gets makes him laugh as he pets Yoongi on the head.

He only realizes what he actually did when he lies in bed and thinks about it. This is after Namjoon congratulates him on cheering Yoongi up. Well, he's got three days for Yoongi to forget, hopefully.


Jimin enters the kitchen because there is some incessant barking that Yoongi is doing and he's afraid something happened. Instead, he sees Namjoon and Hoseok laughing as Yoongi chases them around. They both spot him and hide behind him.

"What did you do?" He asks. Yoongi barks rapidly like he's trying to explain, then suddenly stops. He turns around which Jimin guesses means follow. And.

"Did you really buy this?" In the middle of the kitchen is a bowl filled with what looks like dog food. Yoongi sits by it, staring pointedly at them.

"It's hilarious, though." Hoseok grins, then grabs at Namjoon and they run off down the hall, slamming some door shut.

Jimin sighs, then opens the fridge to get some of the take out they ordered last night. When he brings it out, Yoongi stands up and wags his tail rapidly. As Jimin walks over to open the container and put it in the microwave, Yoongi follows behind his every move. Jimin crouches down and pats Yoongi's head after putting the food in.

(An hour later, Jimin lying on the couch with Yoongi curled up next to him when hears Namjoon and Hoseok complain about chewed and ruined shoes. Yoongi sighs happily.)


Jimin's already in bed when Yoongi and Namjoon enter the room. They face a challenge because Yoongi has top bunk and there is no way he can get there.

"I could potentially throw you up there." Namjoon suggests. The look Yoongi gives is almost the exact annoyance and I-will-hurt-you stare he'd give as a human. But, instead of nipping at Namjoon's heels like usual, he turns and jumps up into Jimin's bed. He walks over Jimin, purposefully stepping on his stomach, to squeeze in the space near the wall.

"Aww," Namjoon says, "Cute." Quick as his small legs can carry him, Yoongi shoots off the bed and chases after the running away, howling with laughter Namjoon.


The next day, compared to their previous weeks, is mostly free. Enough that Jimin can wake up without being woken up and rushed to the shower to get ready and go. So, he ends up awake after all the other's are out except for Yoongi, who managed to move on to Jimin's chest as they slept. Jimin smiles. It's very cute. Yoongi's ears keep trembling and his nose twitches every so often. When he reaches up to touch at Yoongi's ears the only response he gets is his ears twitching more.

"You're cute hyung," Jimin coos, moving the ears back in forth lightly. "Maybe you should just stay a dog." There's a low growl and Jimin snatches his hands away just as Yoongi's eyes snap open.

Jimin chuckles, embarassed, "You were awake, then?" Yoongi gives a huff, then jumps down and trots out the door.


It's been however many days since they first learned about Yoongi's ability, but Taehyung is still curious. Or, that's what it seems like with the way he's laying down on the floor in front of Yoongi's face. Either that or he's trying to have a staring contest. Yoongi sighs and reaches closer, biting at the air right in front of Taehyung's nose.

"Stop that." Seokjin says, as he sits on the couch. Sitting up, Taehyung shoots him a smile.

"It's fine, hyung." When Taehyung looks back down, Yoongi is walking over to the couch. He sits down right in front of Jimin, cocks his head to the side, then jumps right into Jimin's lap.

"You've never laid on my lap," Seokjin says, but Yoongi ignores him to lean into the hands scratching at his ears.


Technically, Jimin's not really allowed to have fried rice anymore, so he has to cook it while the others are busy in other rooms or, preferably, out, but he doesn't really have that luxury with Yoongi stuck in dog form. He settles for Hoseok and Seokjin out of the dorm since they scold him the most about it. After Yoongi. Though Yoongi has a tendency to berate him about everything and he can't really do that today.

As soon as he's finished cooking, there's the familiar sounds of padded feet and Yoongi is sitting behind him just as he turns. Jimin gives him a smile and Yoongi gives a wag of his tail, eyes staring straight at him. He kind of expected Yoongi to bark his head off, but since he's not, he goes over to get a bowl from the cabinet. When he turns, he almost trips because Yoongi's standing right behind him. There's no way he would purposely try to make Jimin fall so.

"Did you want some." Yoongi barks, then trots over to the stove, sitting down and waiting for Jimin to follow. And he does, amazed by how quickly he's learned to read the other. He places the bowl down on the counter, then puts some of the rice in his hand, glad it's cooled, before crouching down to offer it to Yoongi. Right away Yoongi comes over, gobbling up the food in his hand so it's gone in under a minute.

"You'll get hiccups, hyung." There's no reply, just Yoongi licking at his fingers to get the very last of it. Jimin chuckles, "That tickles y'know." It's so abrupt how Yoongi stops, blinks at him, then scurries off and away. Jimin's left there, watching Yoongi dart off in confusion.


Jimin wakes up to a very very heavy weight on his chest, so much so that he struggles to breath. When he opens his eyes he realizes it's Yoongi asleep on his chest which makes sense, Yoongi slept on his chest last night too, and he's about to close his eyes, but then he realizes it's Yoongi laying on him. Human Yoongi.

"Hyung?" He says. And this is probably when he wishes the most that Yoongi was not so difficult to wake up. "Hyung." He shakes at Yoongi's shoulders and the other groans, moving a little, but then stills. Jimin sighs, "Hyung, at least move." This time Yoongi looks up at him, eyes barely open. "Please?" Yoongi gives this lazy smile, then pushes forward and kisses Jimin softly before rolling over and off Jimin.



Jimin stares over, stunned, and Yoongi is just breathing softly.



Those are his feelings throughout most of the day. He's not worried or anxious or upset. He's just really really, really confused because he would have never guessed anything like that would ever happen. The others ask him questions, concerned, because the last time he was this out of it he had hit his head trying to do a flip. Seokjin keeps asking him about wanting to go to a doctor and Hoseok keeps following him everywhere, making sure he doesn't suddenly faint or anything. And Yoongi's right there asking things along with the others and it's so weird how he can go about his day like nothing happened. Like he didn't kiss Jimin.

Yoongi kissed him.

Every time he realizes that he's just thrown. He probably should be freaking out or something because it really should be more of a problem. But it's not. Jimin was fine was it. Well, that's just as baffling and Jimin almost walks into the bathroom door when it opens. He looks up to see Namjoon and, before he can say anything, he's pulled inside with Namjoon's blocking the door.

"I am this close to calling manager-hyung if you do not tell us what happened."

Jimin sighs. "Hyung, it's really okay."

"If you were practicing and hit your head again I swear to god-"

"That's not it." He tries to somehow wriggle past Namjoon and get to the door, but all his attempts are blocked. To be honest, he's frightened because Namjoon's always been able to read people and Jimin tends to be an open book.

"Then, what is it?"

"Yoongi...transformed on me." He's stared at. For a long time. "What?"

"That's it." Namjoon says. "That's what's got you so out of it you look like you'd walk into a wall? We've all seen each other naked before, this is not a new thing." Namjoon gets closer, leans down so he's staring right in his eyes. "Did Yoongi do something?"

"Uhm." That's all Jimin gets out and Namjoon backs up and opens the door to leave. He wonders if he should be concerned.



The members leave one by one and Jimin only realizes it's Yoongi and him left after Jungkook gives a parting message telling him that he hopes this make him get better. Now, he's starting to freak out because they're alone and they have to talk and he never really thought about them talking about this, he just thought it would be ignored until it gets better. That's what Yoongi seemed to be doing.

"Park Jiminnie, what are you doing." And Jimin definitely did not hear Yoongi walk over. He jumps and Yoongi laughs, walking over to sit next to him on the couch. It feels so awkward, or Jimin does since Yoongi seems perfectly fine. Sitting there. Glancing around the room before his gaze turns to Jimin.

"I'm sorry I, uh, transformed on you," Yoongi coughs, then smiles, pushing at Jimin. "At least I'm not Taehyung."

The laugh Jimin gives is weak and of course Yoongi notices. "I really am sorry, okay? It must have given you a shock and I wasn't wearing clothes." His voice tapers off at the end as he scratches at his head. "It won't happen again."

"But, hyung." It comes out as a stutter and Jimin hates that, especially with how concerned Yoongi looks over. He has to look away because his eyes are so piercing and Jimin has no idea how to say this and he's so afraid of the response and- "You kissed me."

The second of silence feels like forever and he peeks over to see the reaction. His mouth is open, eyes wide, and he's blushing. Oh. So. He didn't know. "What? No, I didn't. That's-Look you kissed me too." Yoongi sputters and this might be the first time Jimin seen him so flustered.

"You were a dog then."

"I thought I was a dog then too!"

"So, it was supposed to be a dog kiss?"

Yoongi blinks. "Yes?" He pauses. "But. Not."

"Yes?" Jimin grins. The expression Yoongi gives looks like steam should be coming out of his head and Jimin expects it when he goes to attack him, pin him down, maybe grapple with him a little bit. Something to make Jimin forget. But, Jimin's not going to do that, instead he uses his strength to easily flips them over. The shock on Yoongi's face is very apparent. "You were trying to kiss me?" Yoongi blushes again, struggles to get loose, but Jimin's got both his arms in a tight grasp.

"I'm your hyung." His voice sounds angry, but the growing blush betrays him.

"So, you shouldn't lie."

"Jimin. If you do not let me go I will hurt you." There's no way Yoongi is going to do anything. Not a chance. Or that's what Jimin has to convince himself so he'll take the extra step and lean down, connecting their lips together. He would be worried by Yoongi's lack of response, but he knows Yoongi and he smiles when the other finally stops tensing and kisses back. Jimin chuckles, leaning in closer as Yoongi growls back. It's kind of expected that as soon as Jimin loosens his grip Yoongi tries to turn them over, but he forgets they're on a couch and Jimin lands hard on his back followed by Yoongi falling onto him. Jimin laughs, really hard, because he never expected Yoongi to be this bad.

"Shut up Park Jimin," Yoongi says, punching Jimin in the shoulder for emphasis.


The television suddenly turning on wakes Jimin out of his slumber and his startling, wakes Yoongi up on his lap. Jimin blinks around, gathering that Hoseok and Jungkook came into the room and turned it on to watch that drama that they like together. Right now, it's just commercials, and Jimin is deciding whether to move or if it'll be safe to go back to sleep here.

"Do you think we could dye Yoongi-hyung?" Jungkook says. Jimin stares over at him, confused, but then he looks at the T.V. and there's some dog with green fur endorsing some product.

Hoseok grins over, "I think it would be fun to try."

"We could dye you white, hyung. It's your favorite color." Jungkook scratches at Yoongi's head as the other growls. As soon as the show comes on, and Jimin is about to drift to sleep, Yoongi jumps off and walks away. That's fine until Jimin thinks about it and chases after him, catching him right before he's about to enter the bedroom. He grabs him, picking him up and walking through the door.

"No peeing on people's things." Jimin scolds. Yoongi deflates in his arms and gives a sigh.
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